Q&A with Daniel Gibson

Last week I got to talk to Daniel Gibson of Streets of Laredo about the band’s sophomore album, how the band has evolved and touring with CRX (Nick Valensi’s side project). The Q&A ran in Tastemakers Magazine this morning:

Daniel Gibson, the singer/guitarist fronting Streets of Laredo, loves developing his band’s music while still preserving their sound. The family-based band is originally from Auckland, New Zealand, but relocated to Brooklyn, New York in 2012. The band released their sophomore album Wild on Oct. 21, but Gibson said being an aspiring band in a big city is no menial task. Tastemakers Magazine recently caught up with Gibson over the phone while the band is on the road supporting CRX—the side project of The Strokes’ guitarist Nick Valensi.

Tastemakers Magazine (TMM): To start off, Wild came out two, three weeks ago, how was working with John Agnello on the album?

Dan Gibson (DG): It was really amazing. He’s got a really amazing history. He has mixed, recorded and produced a bunch of records which we really dig; he mixed a Phosphorescent album, Dinosaur Jr. and stuff. I suppose, you know, he’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeve, and it was really, really, awesome working with him in the studio. But, also, he’s a true artist. He’s always trying to make a song bigger, you know? And whatever the song needs he doesn’t need really any belief to take a risk and go there.

Read the full interview here.