Final project pitch

I want take a look at how local, unsigned, artists in Allston/Boston promote their music through social media and music discovery platforms, for my final project. It will be more of a feature, with no time-pressing hook. Nonetheless, several of the local bands I have found and listen to have self-released their music on music discovery platforms such as bandcamp. And although their music is readily accessible, so is hundred of artists’ music so I am intrigued to learn about differentiating factors.

The focus of the story will be a feature on two or three bands, for the written part of my final. I will reach out to artists, as well as older music journalists who have been active in Boston’s music scene for years to hear their perspective about how different promotional methods have changed as well as stayed the same. I am starting a list of people to contact that may be helpful.

For the photo story I want it to be a profile sort-of photo story on one local band in action over a week or so. It may be a stretch, but I think I can convince a band to let me hang out at a rehearsal and shoot some pictures then go to a concert and shoot some more pictures and also interview them about their music. This would enable me to use them as a source for my main feature, but also create a sidebar photo story.

For the video component I want to record interviews to accompany the main feature in a similar way as an intersection of these two examples can be incorporated to a longer text story: subtle, but informational to the story.

The biggest obstacles I can foresee in my reporting is talking to sufficient people that can provide diverse coverage of angles so that one band’s practices don’t speak for all. However, as soon as I sharpen out my angle I will start interviewing people.


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