Northeastern students find new places to study

I went across different locations around Northeastern’s campus at night during midterm week in a search to learn about where students study (aside from Snell Library) and why.

The Curry Student Center, Shillman Hall and Marino Center where the three main buildings which I focused on in my video reporting. Each one had it’s difficulties in regards to my assignment. For example, Shillman Hall’s doors are locked after a certain hour so when I would try to get in at night I had to either knock on the window and ask someone to let me in, or wait for somebody to come out.

I had fun getting to hear different perspectives about where students study and why—specifically because I don’t study at any of these locations, but have learned through friends that they are common alternatives to the library.

When I went to library to shoot some video each floor had an ample amount of students considering the time I focused my shooting (past 9 and 10 p.m.).


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