Check out Big Thief

Sometimes friends suggest that I should listen to an artist and I end up liking what I hear, but then forget about it. Sometimes I Shazam an interesting song in a coffee shop and then forget about it. And sometimes I even forget I had already listened to an artist. Naturally, I can’t remember all the music I hear every day.

Nonetheless I do remember artists and try to find at least one new artist to incorporate into my music diet, per week.

Big Thief is one of those artists I found a month or so ago.

Straight out of Brooklyn, N.Y., this band’s debut release “Masterpiece” is a 37 minute journey that takes the listener from an intimate first-person account told in “Paul”:

Yeah we hopped inside my car And I drove in circles ’round the freight train yard/And he turned the headlights off/Then he pulled the bottle out/Then he showed me what was love.”

To timeless despair spoken of in “Masterpiece”:

“Years, days, makes no difference to me babe/You look exactly the same to me.”

Adrienne Lenker, Big Thief’s singer, said that she writes Big Thief’s songs in “the process of harnessing pain, loss, and love, while simultaneously letting go, looking into your own eyes through someone else’s, and being okay with the inevitability of death,”  according to the band’s Saddle Creek record label page.

There is something about Big Thief that makes me listen to them and not feel sad—makes me appreciative of the intense words that articulate feeling.

Big Thief is currently on tour supporting Frankie Cosmos. They will make a stop at the Middle East Downstairs (Cambridge, Mass.) on Saturday, Nov. 12.


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