First blog post

I want to start a music blog because it is a topic that I read and talk about daily, but never get to write about. I had a music blog that I started in high school, however I feel now it is the time to have a proper music blog. Previously I was just trying to write and publish, write and publish, write and publish and didn’t like the end product. Slowly over time I stopped writing.

Now I want to immerse myself into the local music scene in Boston/Cambridge and write about my experiences. Nonetheless I also want to write about music I already follow religiously, such as The Strokes, Mark Ronson (by the way, ICYMI), The Cribs and many others. That being said I don’t want my content to be all over the place so I will focus on indie-rock and alternative rock. I’m aiming to be at the cutting edge of up and coming music that fits the former mentioned genres; coming out of the greater Boston area and around the world alike.

Music is released in surplus nowadays through a plethora of outlets and it can be daunting to keep up with your favorite artists and still find new ones. Alas, I shall try to alleviate that with my blogging.
By the end of the semester I want to be able to read all my posts and see that I have learned more about blogging, digital journalism and Boston music.

Here are some of the websites and blogs I read







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